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JTS Logistics, Inc. can provide you with many options when it comes to moving your freight. Equipment to transport freight is becoming a rare commodity considering the Hours-of-Service changes the government has placed on the drivers not to mention the skyrocketing effect of diesel fuel prices. However, finding resources available within the timelines you require is our specialty. One call to our Brokerage puts you in touch with carriers throughout the country that may have equipment available when you need it.

At JTS Logistics our experienced Traffic Specialists will assist you with professional customer service and the “sense-of-urgency” you deserve. When things are going good, we’re there. When things are going “not-so-good”, we’re there. We won’t hide. JTS Logistics will be attacking any problem that arises. We’re of firm belief that because we’re so Pro-Active we eliminate potential problems from the inset. But when a situation gets around our years of experience, we work thru the problem. We don’t hide. We communicate thru the good and bad. We’ll be honest and give straight answers. Everyone in this business knows that things happen for a reason. We attempt to take every reason out of the equation which could create a problem.


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