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Terms of Rate Quote Estimate:

This quote is based on the above information and is subject to change if the shipment changes. This is an estimate of what charges should be. In the instance where freight charges are determined by NMFC classification using participating carriers, every effort has been made to determine correct classification, and is subject to inspection by the carrier.

As a Licensed Broker, we operate under provisions of 49 CFR part 1045 (DOT MC# 336999). All shipments handled by Jefferson Trucking Service are covered from cargo loss/damage by the underlying carrier(s) cargo policy.

  • This quote is valid for 90 days from the day quoted and subject to the availability of equipment and economic conditions at the time of movement.
  • A "partial" shipment can have extended transit time from 7 to 10 days.

Rates Are Subject To Change. Please Verify Rate Before Shipping. Rates Based On Truck Availability.

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